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Only received 7 chicken strips not 10

Nicola, 17 Jan 2021

Will order next time.

Tomas, 16 Jan 2021

The best

Gabriela, 13 Jan 2021

could give out more free stuff pudding maybe

James, 11 Jan 2021

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Casian, 11 Jan 2021

Very good

Lee, 10 Jan 2021

great food me and my family enjoy it only note is to mark the burger/food boxes with what the food product is as its hard to tell without actually looking in the buns etc.

Caitlan, 09 Jan 2021

Ordered and paid for dips no dips were received

Kerry Eve, 08 Jan 2021

NoName, 07 Jan 2021

my family love your food very tasty.

James, 01 Jan 2021

One of the best pizzas we have had Thanks

Stewart, 01 Jan 2021

very quick service and food is very good

Rosalind, 21 Dec 2020

Best pizza in peterborough

Mark, 12 Dec 2020

Quick hot and tasty

Pam, 05 Dec 2020

Excellent food

Mark, 30 Nov 2020

We are very happy, it was delicious!! Came much quicker than expected. Thank you

Rhys, 29 Nov 2020

The veggie burgers had no flavour and you used a a slice of cheap cheese which had no flavour. I suggest you change suppliers and actually grate cheese on the burger. The jacket potato had barley any mushrooms. It looked like you used only half a mushroom and dumped it on top of the potato. I'm a cook and film my cooking and its online. So I expect high standards even in take away goods. I hope that you will improve your food standards and their flavours. Thanks.

Leah, 28 Nov 2020

Excellent food very hot and fast delivery

Nicola, 24 Nov 2020

Delicious food

Ania, 20 Nov 2020


Marius, 20 Nov 2020

Love u boy's

Sami, 19 Nov 2020

Friendly delivery.

Stuart, 16 Nov 2020

Best pizza in the city

Ania, 12 Nov 2020


Andris, 12 Nov 2020

Good deals for a decent price

Oli, 10 Nov 2020

Excellent food

Mark, 08 Nov 2020